1 Part Party, 2 Parts Peace

Smile 😊.  It’s what you can’t help doing when you talk about the clients and teachers at Mind the Mat.  Although it’s difficult to describe the feeling you get when you enter MtM, everyone seems to talk about the unique essence of this tribe. Woven throughout the skilled instruction (our teachers rock!) and wonderful clients, are two themes or archetypes: jester 😈 and lover 😍.

Essentially, it’s 1 part party and 2 parts peace.

Prince pose after our Purple Pilates Boot Camp Tribute class.
Prince pose after our Purple Pilates Boot Camp Tribute class.

I asked Kevin, a brilliant yoga teacher who dabbles in creative short film production, to capture that “party” feeling on a Saturday morning.  After filming that day, here’s what Kevin had to say:

“Mind the Mat has become so much more than just a studio where I practice and teach yoga. It’s a place where I can just be myself, putting aside any expectations of who or what I’m supposed to be, a place where I make time for me, a place where I can settle and let go — a place I call home. What I love most about Mind the Mat is how encouraging they are to just be yourself and, through this, they’ve cultivated a community of people who bring out the best in each other. I’ve always wanted to capture how amazing the community here truly is—how we work hard, sweat, and challenge ourselves, but more than that, being there for each other, cheering each other on, and having fun together. The community at Mind the Mat that makes me smile every time I talk about it. I’m even smiling right now. Thank you so much to everyone for making this place special!”

See Kevin’s work and how he captured the party side at Mind the Mat!

Our House from Mind the Mat Pilates & Yoga on Vimeo.

Kevin teaches Hot Yoga at 7:45 pm on Thursdays in Del Ray.

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