3 Super Easy Ways To Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

If you’ve ever gone through the home shopping process, you know that some houses just have it. While you might find some homes a bit lackluster and uninspiring, there are others that catch your eye and start your imagination racing from the moment you drive by and see that For Sale sign. A lot of that is based on personal preference and opinion, but there’s also a science behind it. In real estate, we call that science curb appeal—that “This home could be yours” quality that only certain houses possess.

8216 Treebrooke Lane, Alexandria, VA 22308
8216 Treebrooke Lane, Alexandria, VA 22308

At The Patterson Group, we know how important it is to get potential buyers’ attention early on. With so many houses on the market—especially in Alexandria, where the market often moves really fast—people who are unimpressed with the exterior of one house can just move on to the next. To avoid this, we have some tried-and-true tips for clients who are selling their homes to make sure that they are presented in the best possible light from the moment they go on the market.

Consider it like putting makeup or a gorgeous new dress on your house! You don’t have to be getting ready to sell it to try these tips (but if you are, also see our post on staging); you could be preparing to entertain or simply wanting your house to look its best. Either way, you’re sure to make a statement and show an enviable attention to detail and décor.

front door curb appeal

1) The most important thing is to paint your front door! A front door is a beacon and a symbol of hospitality. A freshly painted front door goes a long way in making your home look welcoming and well-maintained. Painting the shutters is a good idea, too.

town house flag

2) Try putting up an American flag. You can’t go wrong by showing your patriotism and adding a touch of the familiar. The next time you’re in Old Town, make a game of how many American flags you can count while walking or driving around—Old Town’s streets are wonderful examples of fabulous curb appeal.

fresh yard curb appeal

3) Clean up your yard! Add fresh mulch (maybe a few days in advance to avoid the mulchy smell) and some colorful potted plants. Placing flowers by the entrance instantly makes a house look friendly and warm.

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