6 Things I’ve Learned from My Mom, My Business Partner

While every mother-daughter dynamic is different and special in its own way, my mother and I have an especially unique relationship. When your mother is your business partner, the mother-daughter relationship is at a heightened level. My mother and I work together, and therefore we spend a lot of time together. I often get asked how we do it—how we manage work, life, family, and our mother-daughter bond while running a thriving business. The answer is that we each know our place in business, and we each play our strengths. In honor of Mother’s Day, I thought I’d share some of Phyllis’s strengths, tricks of the trade, and things I’ve learned from her along the way:

  • Work hard! Give your clients 110 percent—always.
  • If you feel you cannot give a client 110 percent, refer them to someone who can. Everyone we come into contact with deserves the best.
  • Brighten someone’s day!
  • Never, ever, for any reason, lie. The truth may be hard at first, but you will never regret telling the truth.
  • People need to be heard and feel as those they were heard well. Hear them out before responding. Listening and relating will take you far.
  • When said with a sweet southern accent, even not-so-great information comes across sweeter.

Happy Mother’s Day from The Patterson Group to all the fabulous moms! As I grow up and see my friends becoming parents, I realize more and more that motherhood is genuinely the hardest job a person can have. Keep up the good work, ladies! Alexandria is full of moms raising wonderful children!!

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