7 Reasons Why an Interior Designer Will Save You Money

An interior designer will save you money.  Let me repeat that, an interior designer will save you money.  Interior design may seem like a luxury reserved for only the wealthy, but what you may not know is that the right interior designer can be an asset to your design project, saving you precious time, money, and sanity.  Consider the following ways in which an interior designer can be a valuable partner in your quest for a beautiful, functional, livable interior that reflects your personal tastes.

1. Interior designers can help you define your style.  Trends come and go, but style remains.  A designer can spot a theme in the things you own or pin on Pinterest, and steer you to the style you didn’t know you already had.  They will save you from buying leopard print when you are a floral kinda woman.

2. Interior designers are trained to see things that most people do not.  They know the proper scale of furniture for any room, how high to hang a pendant light, where to place furniture for the best traffic flow, and so on.  They know how to turn ho-hum into hallelujah.

3. Interior designers keep you on budget because they have resources for every type of finish, fixture, and furnishing.  They know how to mix high- and low-end products to make your space beautiful and keep your wallet intact.

Concept pulled together for a fun young family’s living room.

4. Interior designers can expertly mix color and pattern and are well-versed on how different types of light affect color, which makes picking just the right paint color a (slightly) less painful process.  How many times have you been stuck with brush-outs of paint on your wall, anguishing over what color to pick?  Then you start painting the room, and realize you went too dark or too light?  A designer will keep you from those mistakes.

5. Interior designers have a stable of contractors, electricians, plumbers, and one-armed wallpaper hangers that are already vetted through years of doing business, saving you time and headaches searching for someone you can trust.

 The kitchen of Red Barn Mercantile’s Store Manager, designed by Lindsay with lighting, rug, and accessories from Red Barn Mercantile.

6. Interior designers can act as your liaison to your contractor to discuss the nitty gritty details of construction that can make the difference between a hastily constructed space and one whose details truly address your functional needs and reflect personal style.

7. Interior designers can work closely with your contractor to properly plan your timeline and budget – keeping unexpected costs and timing snafus at bay.

Sofa mixed with customer’s own antiques.

Do you see what I mean?  An interior designer can save you money, time, and lots of headaches.  That is why we started a design partnership with Lindsay Boudreaux and her company Shotgun Double three years ago.  We want to save you from costly mistakes and make sure you have a home that tells your personal story.  Here is what you get when you contract with us…

  • For an hourly fee you get two teams for the price of one – Lindsay, an ASID- and LEED-certified interior designer with 16 years of experience and her team, as well as Red Barn Mercantile’s nine years of curating home furnishings experience and resources.
  • You save 50 percent on the first working meeting – At our first meeting we will spend one to two hours giving you initial ideas
  • You save 10 percent and any procurement fees on any items purchased through Red Barn Mercantile – Our staff will procure any Red Barn Mercantile pieces for you and usher you through the process without any additional fees.  Plus, give you 10 percent off everything you buy through us.
  • One free hour of interior styling – the Red Barn Mercantile team will swoop in for one hour after all is moved in and help you style your bookshelves, arrange pillows, suggest where to hang art, etc.

For more information on our design partnership, please visit our website.  Your wallet will be glad you did!

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