AR Workshop: The New Wine & Paint Night



Wondering what to do for your next neighborhood social event? Feeling artsy but unsure of where to direct your creative energy? Needing a personalized gift for a friend or something to hang above the console in your foyer? AR Workshop has you covered! Already the new go-to for GNO, this new Old Town hot spot offers something totally unique on the long list of things to do in Alexandria and has already been featured in Northern Virginia Magazine!

Images from AR Workshop Instagram

It is the same concept as the Wine & Paint Night trend, providing a new way to spend an evening with friends rolling up your sleeves and getting crafty. This DIY workshop, though, gives you a lot more freedom to choose your project and involves working with materials other than paint. You can choose from wood signs, lazy susans, centerpiece boxes, canvas pillows, and more, and you can customize your projects to make them totally your own. And don’t worry—there is definitely still wine involved!

First, go to the AR Workshop website and book your private event or reserve a seat or table in a scheduled workshop. Then comes the fun part: choosing your project. Once you’ve chosen, you’ll be prompted to submit your customizations through the website so they can prepare a stencil for you ahead of time.

Once you’re at the workshop, grab your wine, put on your gloves, and get to sanding, staining or painting, stenciling, and painting some more. There might be a few steps in there that I missed, but the amazing Katie Nguyen Wells will walk you through and make sure your project turns out perfectly.

Don’t be deterred because you think you’re not artsy enough. Katie will not let you walk away with something that you don’t absolutely love. AR Workshop provides everything for you from start to finish, so you get the fun of crafting and a finished product without the hassle of having to gather all your materials and clean up afterwards.

The Old Town TTR Sotheby’s office had a fun event there last week, the Junior Friends of The Campagna Center are going next week, and I’m sure I’ll make some more trips in the months to come to create some things for my new house!

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