Personalized Attention & Fun Exercise, All in One Place

Sharon has lived in Alexandria for a long time. She’s tried it all: yoga, spin, zero-dark-thirty boot camp in a school parking lot, and the corporate gym classes. Sadly, she has found that […]
NEW Classes & Packages

A New FOR: 25+ NEW Classes, NEW Class Packages & Rates, Same Amazing Workouts

I pride myself on knowing the latest, greatest and following who I believe are the leaders in the fitness industry. You know the saying: you are who you surround yourself with, right? Well, […]
Fitness Show

The Angela & Elizabeth Fitness Show!

It was super fun to hear from Elizabeth and Angela they wanted to “get back into fitness” after a summer break. At Fitness on the Run (FOR), we often hear about how summer breaks, holidays, and unforeseen […]
Strength Loss, and Finding the Real Me

Client Story: Strength, Loss, and Finding the Real Me

Every now and then we like to let our amazing clients tell their story, in their own words. Here’s Cindy Creelman on how she found a way to cope with stress, sadness, and […]
Are You Overfat?

Are You “Overfat?”

Are you a pear or are you an apple? It’s not the first time you’ve heard excess fat around your midsection is unhealthy. You may already know excess abdominal fat is associated with […]

What Your Vacation Does to Your Sleep

The good news is scientists have found we sleep much better at home than away. And, now they know why… When we travel, or sleep in a bed other than our own, our […]
Strong Core

3 Important Reasons You Need a Strong Core, and 3 Ways To Get One (with Videos!)

 At Fitness on the Run (FOR), we define the core as all muscles between the hips and the shoulders. Below are the top three reasons for a strong core and several different movements performed […]
Find Your Whistle

Can You “Find Your Whistle”?

Do you have a special “gift” that makes others happy? Is it something that enriches the lives of others around you? Do you practice it just like your other sets of skills? Do you do something that you […]

Scales, Part 3: How To Change Your Obsession into Success

Linda* is a 58-year-old lawyer. She weighed herself daily after reading the news reports that weighing yourself aids in weight loss. This is what she found: It impacted her mood, but not her habits. Starting the day with a negative can cascade into an uphill battle. […]

Scales, Part 2: Are “Fat Days” and “Thin Days” Real?

  Weighing yourself can be motivating and depressing — but did you know the number you see on the scale can change almost as quickly as you blink? As the Tony Robbins quote says, […]

Does Weighing Yourself for Weight Loss Work? (Part 1) 

Should you weigh yourself daily, weekly, monthly, or not at all? Where I am landing on this one just might surprise you. I’ll give you a hint: there is no real, perfect number for any […]

It’s Never Too Late

We are often asked how late is it too late to start a fitness program. We have great news for you… Never! Fitness on the Run actually just hosted a workshop for our […]

Four Friends: Retired, Medicine-free, 100 Pounds Lighter

Would you believe…these four are a combined 100 pounds lighter than they were just two years ago? And they are all prescription medication free? Want to know HOW? Read on and join us for an […]

“Brain Hacked,” Sleep, Lacked  

Sally* is an executive with a large trade association. Not only is she amazingly successful at work, she has four thriving and happy children, each involved in his or her passion of piano, soccer, theater, and tennis. She […]

Happy First Mother’s Day to New (and Fit) Mom to Brooks, Allison DuShuttle

How does a well-known and highly successful Alexandria realtor, new wife, and leader in multiple Alexandria charities approach her workouts? One word: commitment. Throughout her pregnancy, Allison Goodhart DuShuttle made her workouts an important part of her busy schedule. As the co-owner of one of […]


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