Annual Outerwear Event

TSALT’s Annual Outerwear Event

TSALT’s announcing our Annual Outerwear Sale! And since this might be the best time to come and purchase a coat for the upcoming months, we suggest taking a look at what you have […]
Style Non Skinny Jeans

Back to Basics (aka Remembering How To Style Non-Skinny Jeans)

Last weekend I started phase two of my own closet turnover. Phase one was the end of August where I established a transition wardrobe by pulling out everything that was so obviously summer. […]
Cost Per Wear Strategy

My Cost Per Wear Strategy (Just in Time for Tomorrow’s Sip & Shop!)

Many of you know by now that my rule of thumb is “Buy Less, Wear More.” When I work with clients in their wardrobes, many times we explore the pieces that still owe […]
Color Stories + School Spirit

Color Stories: Fall, Friendship + School Spirit

Color stories are a great way to start pulling ideas together for fall. Thinking of your events and what you will be attending also helps you establish some guidelines that will keep you […]
Oxford Blues

Oxford Blues

August is when many fashion directors take a moment to prepare us for fall. Keeping up with all the online and print editions of fall fashion can be more than any one woman […]

Paradise Lost? Never!

Summer is my season. I like dressing in lighter clothing and eating lighter meals. Getting to travel to great destinations becomes an opportunity to explore new horizons and even incorporate those cultures into […]

TSALT Sale, Part 2: Chaos Theory

While July is synonymous for 50-70 percent off savings on spring and summer merchandise, the reality is fall arrivals have already hit the doors of many boutiques. Pre-Fall and Fall I deliveries, which […]

TSALT Sale, Part 1: Strategy

Savvy shoppers pay close attention to the best times of year to shop…January and July. Typically these are the two times of year that inventory has been marked down significantly while still finding […]

Live in the (Style) Present, Prepare for the (Style) Future

When I started working in retail, I discovered I had an uncanny ability for visual recall. I wasn’t always great with names but faces and clothing became finely ingrained in my memory. This […]

A Playful Take on Jumpsuits

They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery. That being said, I have a hard time getting behind the latest summer trend in menswear…rompers for guys. It seems that the guys are […]

The Long and Short…of Shorts!

  A very important part of my job is to help women figure out their style trajectory. Having turned 50, the challenges of getting older are ones that I personally explore on a […]

Diamonds + Dresses: A Mother’s Day Event at TSALT

Mother’s Day was so easy when we were little. Remember the hand-print crafts that we would make in preschool and then proudly present to our moms on Mother’s Day? Now we’re all grown […]

Apple & Tree: Mothers & Daughters

I have this little saying that I wrote to my daughter one time when I tagged her on Instagram: “Apple & Tree…Sun, Sand and Sea.” It was a simple way to share my love […]

My Refrigerator Is a Disaster

My refrigerator is a disaster. On the surface (aka front row of every shelf), all looks fine. The items we use the most are easy to get to and the revolutions of daily […]

The Power of Two

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were groomed from an early age to work and work hard. Their success may have something to do with an “It Takes Two” approach to their brand and a […]


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