Welden: The Line I’d Been Looking for

Since opening The Hive a year ago, I have been searching for a bag line that I could love so much that I couldn’t do without it in our clothing store. We’ve long […]

Stylist Challenge: 5 Fall Trends, Spotted by Alison

Alison Teer and I go way back. She cleaned out my closet when I lived in a tiny Old Town house with even tinier closets. I can’t remember if I had just opened […]
Stylist Challenge

Stylist Challenge: Leather Jackets, Styled by Kathy

It is hard to believe, but I met Kathy Martin 14 years ago when I had just opened The Shoe Hive and she started managing Hysteria. We became fast friends and had been […]
Sweaters Styled by Alicia

Stylist Challenge: Sweaters, Styled by Alicia

I aspire to dress like Alicia McCaslin. I have said it before but I will say it again: she always looks good. Always. She is also a walking advertisement for eating well and doing Pilates, […]
Current Obsession

These Boots Are The Shoe Hive’s Current Obsession

I always think it is a good sign when a designer repeats a style. It usually means that whatever they are doing is working in the market. Last year we discovered bootie perfection […]
Shop with a Stylist

Shop with a Stylist (and It’s Free!)

Most of us are over-scheduled, overworked, and pressed for time. What little “free” time we do have we don’t want to spend shopping, but we do want to look good. We also don’t […]
Carpool Chic

Carpool Chic

I’ve written this before, but I’m going to keep writing it until I break the habit. We all fall into the trap of wearing our workout clothes all day, even if we haven’t […]
Love Letter to Alexandria

My Love Letter to Alexandria

Last month I wrote my love letter to Italy. As far as places go to visit, I think Italy should be at the top of everyone’s list. I even dream about packing up […]
Veronica Beard Denim and Shoes

Introducing Veronica Beard Denim and Shoes: “Hard-wired for real life”

My kids happen to go to a school with a uniform, and every morning I thank the Lord a little bit for this uniform. You see, by 8:15 I am usually yelling like […]
Denim Trend Tuxedo

Denim Trend: The Tuxedo Stripe

I remember a few years back Alicia posted a piece with the headline, “Season of Change (Is This the End of Skinny Jeans?).” This post caused more conversation that possibly any other. Readers […]
Fall Fitness 2017: "Good-bye, summer. Hello, fall fitness".

“Good-bye, summer. Hello, fall fitness”

Last year for Lent I gave up drinking. I must admit it made me feel great. I slept better, I exercised more, and was just an overall more productive person. And I am […]
1 Skirt 4 Ways

1 Skirt, 4 Ways

We can all get stuck in a fashion rut, and mine is the denim rut. I fall into it because it is easy. I know what to wear with denim and I know […]
Trend Spotting

Trend Spotting in Italy

I just got back from a kid-free, nine-day trip — thank you mom and dad for grandkid-sitting — to Italy. As you’d expect, what we enjoyed the most was the eating, drinking, and […]

My Love Letter to Italy

I am sitting on the plane headed back from an amazing vacation in Italy with my husband as I write this. I first went to Italy in my 20s, bouncing from town to […]

The 3 B’s (aka 2017 Fall Shoe Trends)

I should start calling this my “Aunt Rosanne” series. When I sit down to write about the biggest shoe trends of each season she always comes to mind. She is my mom’s only […]


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