Stop Working at the Dining Room Table! 4 Desks with Great Style + Function

Tax time always puts me in a cranky mood.  I would imagine most of you all can relate to that!  As I spent several hours at my dining room table, pouring through papers, […]

5 Tips To Find That Perfect Piece of Art

Nothing finishes a room like a piece of art. Often the focal point, art can set the mood of a space, from calm and tranquil to bold and invigorating — depending on the […]

Bright Ideas for Functional Lighting

The best-lit rooms have layers of lighting; functional lighting is one of those layers. Functional lighting, as the name suggests, provides the illumination we need for the daily activities in our lives. Think […]

Designers at Home: My Recent Additions

My house is definitely a work in progress, in fact I hesitate to share pictures because I have such a long way to go to the finish line.  But I suppose a house […]

How Design Accents Transform a House into Your House

No room is finished without adding accessories. Just like accessories make an outfit, accessories make a room.  Without accessories to tie everything together, the look will invariably fall flat. I also believe your […]

The 7 Best Beds

Sometimes people put off pulling together their bedroom because it is the last place a guest would see, but since it is the space where you can leave the stress of the day […]

ISO the Perfect Dresser

  I simply don’t have enough storage space in my closet — it is really difficult to stay organized when you are constantly stuffing clothes in an overcrowded space — so I have […]

The 10 Best Kitchen Pendants

So often we reserve our special lighting for the dining room chandelier and maybe the foyer of our homes. But where do we spend most of our time, even when we entertain? The […]

The 6 Best Nightstands (+ 6 Tips To Style Them)

It’s the first thing you see in the morning and holds everything from your phone and your favorite book to a piping hot cup of coffee. Besides your bed, of course, the most […]

Fantasy Football vs. Fantasy Decorating

With the Super Bowl in just a few days, we are deep into Fantasy Football at my house, and have been for a while. My husband seemed to enjoy the whole process so […]

Get the Look of this Gorgeous Living Room (for $5,000 Less!)

Thinking of redoing a room? Now is the time! This beautiful room designed by Paloma Contreras is quite stunning. When I looked closely I realized that a couple of the pieces are by […]

The 10 Best New Furniture Items (Bonus? Take 40% off in January!)

I find the start of a new year so exciting and this year is no different.  While 2016 brought many wonderful events and accomplishments for Coco Blanca, I always like to look forward. […]

Coco’s Winter Sale: Our Picks

Susie and I have had wonderful holiday time with our respective families, for which we are so thankful, but now we both feel inspired from our break and are antsy to get back […]

Bring on the Bubbly! (Because Surprise…It’s Good for You!)

OK, so maybe the New York Post isn’t the most revered of newspapers, but there was an article by Guy Kelly not long ago that I am happy to take very seriously: 5 […]

Beautiful, Life-Changing Baskets: Why Fair Trade Matters

As you have noticed by now, our mild fall temperatures have come to an end!  Old Man Winter literally blew in overnight and I don’t think we’ll see many more sixty-something degree days. […]


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