The Booty Band: Trust Us on This

So my sister, Paige, is extremely athletic. She played lacrosse at UNC Chapel Hill and truly enjoys working out. I, on the other hand, jammed my finger tripping up the steps at work yesterday, if that tells you anything. But one thing Paige and I do have in common is that we have found inspiration and then some in extraordinary Alexandrian Katie Austin! The fitness blogger extraordinaire sent us her new Booty Band and it is LIFE-CHANGING.

In the midst of my move into my new house, it is becoming tough to get over to spin in the mornings, but I can take the Booty Band with me wherever I go, get inspired by some of Katie’s Instagram videos (she has more than 102,000 followers, by the way), and get moving. I was eating lunch the other day and pulled up Katie’s Instagram, and…well…let’s just say I practiced portion control that day.

Katie Austin is a fitness enthusiast, author, blogger, model, and inspiration to millennial women all over the world. As the daughter of fitness icon Denise Austin, health and exercise have always been huge parts of Katie’s life, and it shows in her drive to spread her message of self-love and positive body image. She graduated from the University of Southern California in May 2016 with a Cum Laude degree in Communications and an emphasis in health. While there, she was a Division I lacrosse player and host of her own fitness show at the college station.

Today, Katie is a certified fitness trainer and health coach. She’s been recognized by Seventeen magazine as one of the top ten fitness Instagrams to follow, and has been featured as a fitness and nutrition expert on numerous TV shows, including The Today Show, Hollywood Today Live, The Doctors, and Home & Family. And my favorite thing about her is that she is from Alexandria!!

Her new program is a subscription membership plan, a little like Netflix for her workout videos. She created the program so that subscribers never have an expiration date on their workouts; it is a lifestyle instead of another guide that you follow for only a few weeks. She wanted members to be able to feel like they are part of a fitness community, working together with thousands of others to achieve body satisfaction and self-love.

The best part about the plan is that it’s very flexible with anyone’s daily lifestyle. Members have the option to either choose their own workout for that day or follow a daily workout calendar—so, they can choose from more than 45 (and counting) workouts based on their schedule and want, or they can use this to supplement their regular workout classes (like those at Fitness on the Run and Mind the Mat!). The daily workout calendar is there for those who want to follow the plan just like the guide, as Katie gives them something to do every single day. Only a few weeks into the launch, Katie already has more than 1,200 members!

And did I mention she is from Alexandria?!

Go, Katie! We are so excited to watch your program grow—and we are loving the Booty Band! Check her out here and on Instagram.


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