Angela's Skincare Tell-All

Angela’s Skincare Tell-All

As the mother of four boys to run around on a daily basis, there are days that start at 6am and don’t end until 11pm, and we don’t do any “travel” sports.  To […]
Our Top Picks for the Week of September 11 2017

Our Top Picks for the Week of September 11, 2017

September 11 2017 – Velvet! Tassels! Indigo! Silk! Who says cozy can’t look and feel luxurious? This week we’re all about rich textures, getting us excited for fall’s chillier air. Plus, the jean […]
From “Scared-y Cat” to Convert: My MicroNeedling Experience

From “Scared-y Cat” to Convert: My MicroNeedling Experience

When it comes to certain things, I’m what you might consider a “scared-y cat” – afraid of my own shadow, as my husband sometimes jokes. I have a few thoughts on why this […]
Lexi's Cleansing Tell-All

Lexi’s Cleansing Tell-All

Something that I pride myself on is that I have religiously washed my face every morning and every night for as long as I can remember. Sure there was the occasional late night […]
Our Top Picks for the Week of 09 05 2017

Our Top Picks for the Week of September 5, 2017

Our Top Picks for the Week of 09 05 2017 09 05 2017: With the recent cooler days and the kids going back to school, we are ready to celebrate. This sparkly bag, […]
Meet Aida: Hair Stylist at Bazzak Salon

Meet Aida

Many of you know (and love!) Aida, but for those of you who have yet to meet her, Aida’s passion is to make her clients look great and feel amazing. As she says, […]
Elizabeth's Skincare Tell-All

Elizabeth’s Skincare Tell-All

Alright, friends, it’s been a long time coming. But today we start a short series on our personal cleansing routines. Buckle up, my dear readers, because this is a wild ride.   Sundays […]
The Alexandria Stylebook Six Picks 08 28 2017

The Alexandria Stylebook Six Picks

Glowing candles, chilled wine, a cozy rug. A showstopping jumpsuit paired with modern hoop earrings. A mask to put your best face forward. Sure, it’s only Monday but this week’s top picks have […]
Very large shoes to fill

“Very large shoes to fill…”

I first met Elizabeth almost three years ago to the date. We met at Bittersweet Café after she answered my job listing. I remember realizing after speaking with her for five minutes that […]
Splurge vs Save

Splurge vs Save

From time to time we do pieces like this, offering our customers a bit of variety in the types of products they already buy. As we gear up for back-to-school, I thought the […]
Forgotten Haircare

Forgotten Steps: Haircare Edition

We’ve talked about how you do so much right with your skincare and makeup routines, but that there may be some important steps you’re missing. Well, the same holds true for your tresses. […]
six picks 08 14 2017

The Alexandria Stylebook Six Picks

  Gayla: Our pick this week is this stylish serving board, which double as a cutting board or a place setting. The stylish marble and gold with an updated circular shape captures Coco Blanca’s […]

Forgotten Steps: Makeup Edition

Earlier this week we went over some oft-forgotten steps in a typical skincare regimen. Today: makeup! This forgotten step could also find a home in the Forgotten Steps: Skincare Edition, to be honest. […]
Forgotten Steps

Forgotten Steps: Skincare Edition

Skincare is a full-time job. You’re laughing, I know. You’re laughing partly because you find the concept a little ridiculous, and partly because you’ve also just realized that skincare is literally my full-time […]
Brush Care

Boar Bristle Brush Care

So you stuck with me through my Boar Bristle Adventure! Thank you. I got about a week into this experiment and realized…I didn’t know how frequently to wash my brush, or even the right way […]


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