When You Care Enough To Send the Very Best

The first Christmas card was sent in 1843 by Sir Henry Cole, who, three years earlier, started the first Penny Post in the U.K. Ever since then, sending your best wishes for the […]

How To Host a *Fun* Holiday Party (Hint: Plan Now)

‘Tis the season for holiday parties! Are you excited?! Some of you are. Many of you are lukewarm. Some of you even dread it. But throwing a memorable holiday party – whether it […]

Postcard from Memphis (and Graceland!)

A recent wedding took some friends and me to Oxford, Mississippi by way of Memphis. We arrived early in Memphis on Friday and left late on Sunday so decided to check out the […]

Street Style, Italian Style

I recently celebrated my twenty year anniversary with my husband with a trip to Italy. I haven’t taken a trip with my husband alone for more than a long weekend since our children […]

Mindfulness. (Um, yeah, what the heck is it?)

Can you count how many times have you have seen the word “Mindfulness?” (Well, if you are the guy I talked to last night, the answer would be zero. Where has HE been, […]

Our Top Picks for the Week of October 16, 2017

A super-cool skirt with a cool-girl styling tip from Alicia, plus hats, booties, holiday cards (yes! it’s time!), a perfect beauty gift, and a statement necklace that all feel just right as we […]
Penny Post Grand Opening

Penny Post Grand Opening

You might remember me telling you about our new paper store, Penny Post, this summer. Well, I’m pleased to announce that we are open and ready for business! On September 11, exactly 10 […]

What To Cook Right Now: Boktoberfest

I’ve heard from several readers that you are interested in recipe tips, ideas for dishes, and instructions on how to best use new and interesting ingredients. Ask and you shall receive! For my […]
Natural Beauty Secrets

My 5 Natural Beauty Secrets

Beautification is a daily ritual for me. Religiously, I set aside time every day to take care of my hair, skin, teeth, and body. It’s the way I relax, center, and practice self-care. […]
Positive Feelings and Gratitude

With Positive Feelings and Gratitude…Hold the Explanations

“I’ll take the biscuits and gravy and a latte please. I haven’t eaten until just now.” “Can I have one of those fried chicken biscuits? Although, sadly, I’ll have to go back to […]
Fall Entertaining

Fall Porch & Patio, Cozy Edition

Fall means camping for our family. Not only do we camp as a family, but both our kids are in Scouts and my husband and I have leadership rolls in their Troops. Now, […]
Good Works Wednesday

Introducing Good. Works. Wednesday

Before opening Red Barn Mercantile and Penny Post, I was a fundraiser for local and international non-profits. It was extremely rewarding work. While I wasn’t in the field doing the dirty work, I […]
Top Picks 09 25 2017

Our Top Picks for the Week of September 25, 2017

Gothic florals! Sequined leopard shoes! Mile-long lashes! We’re bringing the drama this fall. Plus some cuteness for the kiddos…these classics are cleverly reinvented for the littlest learners. Alicia: Fall is all about dark floral […]
Stomp At Home

Sunday Supper, Your Place: Introducing Stomp At Home

Most people buy and read cookbooks for the recipes. My favorite part of a cookbook is the writing. Chefs tuck little gems of wit in there that you will definitely miss if you […]
The Beauty of the Biscuit

The Beauty of the Biscuit

That great quote is often attributed to da Vinci. Although it cannot be historically corroborated that he said this exact phrase, I continually find it to be true. The crisp white button down. […]


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