Our Top Picks for the Week of 09 05 2017

Our Top Picks for the Week of September 5, 2017

Our Top Picks for the Week of 09 05 2017 09 05 2017: With the recent cooler days and the kids going back to school, we are ready to celebrate. This sparkly bag, […]
A Day in the Life of a Photoshoot

A Day in the Life of a Photoshoot

I’m hiding in a corner with air conditioning, trying to find a reprieve from the heat. My dark, tight jeans are glued to my legs from sweat. This is the life of a […]
WWAD - What Would Audrey Do

What Would Audrey Do?

If you’ve ever taken a peek inside Coco Blanca, you know right away we are enormous fans of this 1950s style icon. Her iconic photos grace every picture frame we have in the […]
Teacher Style Scholar

This Teacher Is a Style Scholar

Teachers are so special to parents and children yet, as mentioned earlier in the week, each is their own individual with their own sense of style. As we head back to school, I’m […]
annual denim hunt

“The annual denim hunt we call September…”

It is a universal truth of fashion that shopping for jeans is stressful. There are so many cuts, washes, lengths, and sizes from which to choose that it can be quite intimidating to […]
1 Skirt 4 Ways

1 Skirt, 4 Ways

We can all get stuck in a fashion rut, and mine is the denim rut. I fall into it because it is easy. I know what to wear with denim and I know […]
The Alexandria Stylebook Six Picks 08 28 2017

The Alexandria Stylebook Six Picks

Glowing candles, chilled wine, a cozy rug. A showstopping jumpsuit paired with modern hoop earrings. A mask to put your best face forward. Sure, it’s only Monday but this week’s top picks have […]
This Teacher Gets an A+ in Style

This Teacher Gets an A+ in Style

Yes, it is time…whether you jump for joy at the start of school or cringe at the sound of the bell, Labor Day signifies the end of summer and the start of the […]
Color Stories + School Spirit

Color Stories: Fall, Friendship + School Spirit

Color stories are a great way to start pulling ideas together for fall. Thinking of your events and what you will be attending also helps you establish some guidelines that will keep you […]
Oxford Blues

Oxford Blues

August is when many fashion directors take a moment to prepare us for fall. Keeping up with all the online and print editions of fall fashion can be more than any one woman […]

Trend Spotting in Italy

I just got back from a kid-free, nine-day trip — thank you mom and dad for grandkid-sitting — to Italy. As you’d expect, what we enjoyed the most was the eating, drinking, and […]

Yes, Shoulders Are Still Happening

In my last post I mentioned going to market and seeing all the upcoming trends…well guess what? Showing off your sexy shoulders is still in!  If you have been shy about trying this […]

Trend Spotting at Market

Going to market has been such an experience!  Glamorous, dramatic, and a lot of work!  It is so exciting to see the upcoming trends and to get a glimpse of designs soon to […]
six picks 08 14 2017

The Alexandria Stylebook Six Picks

  Gayla: Our pick this week is this stylish serving board, which double as a cutting board or a place setting. The stylish marble and gold with an updated circular shape captures Coco Blanca’s […]

Street Style: Kate Hougen

I first met Kate Hougen over a decade ago when we both worked at The Nature Conservancy. She is one of the most delightful and genuine people I know. What you see is […]


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