Christen vs. Elizabeth: The Jewelry Edition

Christen and I are fairly competitive people; not necessarily with one another but with ourselves. We want to do a good job finding new and exciting things to bring to our customers. So when we find a new line that works it is affirmation for us that we are doing a good job. When we find a line that then becomes one of the next “big things” and we had it first, well then we kind of want to toot our own horns.

This happened for both Christen and me last year with two great jewelry lines, Lizzie Fortunato and Twine & Twig. It seemed once we had them in our stores we started to hear about them more and more. Toot, toot!! We just can’t seem to get enough of either line or the women behind them. We also love any business that is a family affair since we both keep our small businesses in the family. These lines are owned and operated by sister duos with impeccable taste and style. We are guilty of stalking both lines a little bit on Instagram just to see what amazing outfits they are all wearing.

Lizzie Fortunato

(Elizabeth’s find, available at The Hive)

After graduating from Duke in Art History, Lizzie began designing unique pieces of jewelry that mixed unexpected elements. Handcrafted in New York, her pieces represent her belief that the way one dresses should tell a story. Her twin sister, Kathryn, also a Duke graduate but with an Economics degree, joined the company after a career on Wall Street to oversee sales and operations. Their feather earrings have been flying off our shelves. It is impossible to try them on and not smile. Their Crater earring, one of their original pieces, makes any outfit stand out from the rest.


Twine & Twig

(Christen’s find, available at The Shoe Hive)

Casual and coastal-inspired, the necklaces and bracelets instantly make you think of your favorite place outdoors. There is really just something calming and comforting about their jewelry. All hand made in Charlotte, the pieces represent the southern roots and love of travel of sisters Elizabeth and Jacquelyn. Each necklace, tied with their signature suede strap, is filled with unique natural materials that can be worn on their own or layered together for a laid back vibe.

In order to bring you a broader selection of each line, we are hosting trunks shows this weekend at both stores. Enjoy 20 percent off Lizzie Fortunato at The Hive and Twine & Twig at The Shoe Hive. We hope to see you this weekend at both stores!

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