Introducing Cisco Brothers’ Essentials Collection + Semi-Annual Upholstery Sale

Balance, timelessness, and comfort inform Cisco Brothers’ Essentials Collection, a collection of some of their finest frames that epitomize these notions.  The Essentials Collection was created to provide our customers more value by offering heirloom-quality furniture at a lower price point.


Made up of more than a dozen frame “families” that can consist of chairs, sofas, benches, and loveseats, as well as six dozen fabrics, this collection is extensive.  Plus, the cost savings are significant.  For instance, our favorite 84” Seda sofa, above, is more than $500 less in the Essentials Collection.


The collection includes the Loft sofa, chair, and two sectionals. It is one of their more versatile frames that we believe can go just about anywhere. And, it’s ultra-comfy!


I know I have waxed poetic about white slipcovers before, but I will say it again.  They are great for almost anything.  The Parsons dining chair in white denim may sound crazy, but the slipcovers can be bleached and the denim is sturdy so they will last a long time.  And, at $585 per chair, they are a steal!


Finally, I want to highlight a couple of our favorite leather pieces.  First, the Acacia chair is flat out amazing.  So cool, so comfortable, and so timeless.  I love it’s low profile, deep seat, and tufting.  In leather it is $2,985.

Second, we can’t get enough of the Arden ottoman.  In leather it is so sharp.  We paired a beautiful, light brown leather ottoman with a dark gray Dalia sectional and it was stunning.  However, it works just as beautifully with fabric.

In the past I have written about Cisco Brothers’ sustainable construction and have given you the questions you need to ask when buying a sofa, but this time I want to introduce you to The Essentials Collection in time for our Semi-Annual Upholstery sale.  Normally, all Cisco Brothers purchases are marked down 20 percent (yes, even the Essentials Collection!), but from August 1 to September 17, we will be taking an additional 10 percent off the marked down price. That means, for example, the Acacia chair would be $2,149!

Now is a good time to stop in and give the Essentials Collection a sit.  On our floor is a Seda sofa and a Crescent chair, as well as a few other pieces from the everyday collection for you to try.  We hope to see you soon!

PS: Our floor samples will be 40 percent off the MSRP, so get in while you can!


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