Daughter Jewelry

On Tuesday nights during most of the 1980s I would look forward to watching The A-Team with my brother, Brett. As most younger sisters do, I looked up to my older sibling so anything he liked, I liked. I credit my obsession with The A-Team with my affinity for chunky gold jewelry. There isn’t a gold cuff, link bracelet, or toggle necklace I don’t love, and the more of these that someone puts on at once, the better. Most days I just want to channel the one-and-only Mr. T. Let’s face it, he really started the necklace layering trend.

So if I see a gold jewelry line at a showroom that has that unique ability to mix elegance and edge, and can be layered easily with pieces you already have in your jewelry collection, I am just flat-out going to order it.

The most recent addition to The Hive, Daughter Jewelry, does just that. Created by Carly, the daughter of jewelry designer Diane Cotton, these pieces remind you of great vintage pieces handed down from generation to generation. There are classic pieces but then she also has edgy long earrings that remind you of a sculpture. These unique designs are like nothing else I have ever seen.

The response we have had already has been amazing, we are already restocking our shelves with new styles, and we can always special order pieces.

One thought on “Daughter Jewelry

  1. From one GOLDY to another, love that we share this obsession! When you sold me my first Vaubel necklace/bracelet combo, weighing in at two pounds, my husband started telling me I was channeling Mr. T. You are a style icon Elizabeth – keep giving us great things!

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