All Denim 50 Percent Off!

I have written about my affinity, or maybe I should call it a total obsession, with Emmanuelle Alt, the editor in chief of French Vogue. If I could dress like one person it would be her. Yes, she is 6 feet tall and a former model, which I am not, and her job obviously has some “I get all the cool clothes” perks. But even without it, I am fairly confident she would dress exactly the same. She has a uniform of sorts and it is pants and a jacket — an out-of-this-world designer jacket like Balmain or Isabel Marant. The one constant is that she doesn’t wear skirts or dresses. I have looked and I can only find one or two total where she is wearing one.

It isn’t really even pants that are her uniform; more specifically, it is denim. When I Google photos of Emmanuelle Alt (which I do often), in nine out of 10 of the photos she is wearing denim. Even in the front row of fashion shows she is wearing denim; all through fashion week, denim; big fancy parties, denim. (Check out this Pinterest board to see what I mean.)

So what is my point? You can’t own enough denim! It comes in every shape, every color, and in a variety of distress that there has to be a pair for everyone. The other great thing about denim is that it doesn’t have a season. You can wear it all year, yes, even white denim. I will admit that when it gets to be above 90 degrees I can’t personally do it, but I have a sister-in-law in Houston who wears denim in the summer there, which is about nine months long in Texas.

And now my really big point: all of our denim is marked down to 50 percent off.  We have all our vendors calling ready to ship fall style so it is time to make room for the new stuff! The crazy thing is, the same exact cuts like the Dre by Rag & Bone or the Looker from Mother Denim that are marked down will be back “in” next season, just in different washes. So no, these ones aren’t going out of style, it is just time for a new season.

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