Design Challenge: Purple, Green, and Gold, Oh My

Happy Fat Tuesday, all!  Or should I say “y’all?”  It’s time to break out the beads, serve the King Cake, and pile on the purple, green, and gold.  Now I will take King Cake all year long, and give me beads any time, but purple, green, and gold — I don’t think so.  If you ask me that’s a pretty terrible color combination that should be kept to Mardi Gras floats.  However, I like a good challenge, so I challenged myself to come up with a purple, green, and gold bedroom that I would be able to live with.  Here it is…

I would start with the one person whom I think does purple really well – John Robshaw.  The man has a way with pattern and color that most people don’t.  The Navatta quilt has all three colors in a way that won’t make you reach for another Hurricane.  Pair that with the sweet lavender of the Nalika pillow shams – and duvet if you’re so inclined – and you’re got a good start.  I’d toss on a few of his colorful pillows for good measure.  Or, I’d basically take everything shown on that bed…

The biggest/most pattern you use in the room is usually the best jumping off point.  From the bedding I would add the Francesca bed upholstered in Aspen Gray linen with antique brass nailheads from Cisco Brothers.  In my Red Barn world, brass is better currency than gold. I would keep the bedside tables super simple and symmetrical and would pair them with brass lamps and white linen shades from Jamie Young.

Across from the bed would be a large dresser with plenty of space to put all the clothes I bought from my favorite Old Town boutiques.  I love the warm wood mixed with white in this Bungalow 5 dresser.  Above the dresser is where we bring in fun and bit of flare.  This amethyst mirror, also from Bungalow 5, packs a punch.  It’s one single statement that doesn’t overpower the room.  Add another brass lamp from Jamie Young to counter balance all the glam.  There is a green version too if you prefer!

Finally, to anchor all of this I like Dash & Albert’s Jute Woven Bleached Oak rug.  It’s soft and understated and it lets the rest of the elements in the room shine.  Plus, I just love this natural color with the gray bed.

So there you have it.  A Mardi Gras bedroom the Red Barn way.  Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler!

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