Designers at Home: My Recent Additions

My house is definitely a work in progress, in fact I hesitate to share pictures because I have such a long way to go to the finish line.  But I suppose a house is never finished so I am biting the bullet today to show you some real-life pictures of how I have incorporated Bernhardt furniture into my own home.

(Specifications for all pieces at the end of this post.)

Kitchen/Dining Room

I wanted our kitchen/dining room to be comfortable because it functions as a family room as well, so I chose a bench sofa as seating for the dining room.

 Monaco Sofa, $2,682 less 40 percent, $1,609; choice of all Bernhardt fabrics and many choices of Bernhardt wood finishes for the legs.  

Here I chose this backless sofa because I want people to have the option to face me in the kitchen or face the TV and fireplace and relax.  All lighting is from Visual Comfort. The rug is by Eliko.

Guest Room

It is so nice to have a comfy, cozy, welcoming guest room! In ours we have a sofa and a pair of chairs, all in Bernhardt fabrics.

 $2,682 less 40 percent, $1,609

 Clayton chairs in Bernhardt fabric, $1,767, less 40 percent, $1,060 | Lamp by Visual Comfort, $495, less 20 percent, $396

Media Room

This sofa is definitely the family favorite. It’s comfortable and perfect for our media room. Bernhardt offers many different styles and sizes.

We would love to price the perfect sofa for your home!


Kitchen/Living Room

Guest Room

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