Where We’re Dining this Alexandria Restaurant Week

Alexandria Restaurant Week is here again! As diehard fans of our home’s flourishing restaurant scene, we always look forward to Alexandria’s biannual Restaurant Week as a time to try new places and see what old favorites have come up with, too. If you’re new to the area, there is no better opportunity to get acquainted with the city’s culinary scene. If you’ve been here for a while, as The Patterson Group has, Restaurant Week is a chance to try restaurants that have opened up recently; between Live Oak, Hen Quarter, BurgerFi, and Northside 10, there is no shortage of new restaurants to test out this time around.

Restaurant Week is also a chance to sample some experimental plates or check out some menu staples that often get glossed over in favor of more eye-catching fare. Between $35 three-course meals, lunch deals, and $35 dinners for two, these are the restaurants at which you’ll find us until the 26th!

Restaurant Eve: Restaurant Eve is always fantastic, but their Restaurant Week menu offers the best deal in town. Definitely put this at the top of your list.

Vermilion: Like Restaurant Eve, Vermilion is always a treat. Don’t miss the sweet potato velouté, pan roasted salmon, and chocolate Oreo cheesecake.

A La Lucia: While many places offer just a few entrée, appetizer, and dessert options during Restaurant Week, A La Lucia’s menu is extensive, making it very hard to choose. The Black Linguine with shrimp, scallops, and clams is a contented sigh-worthy main course, and the burrata — prepared with beets or tomatoes — and meatball and polenta plates are mouthwatering (albeit filling) appetizers. A La Lucia is located a few blocks from our listings at 314 Third Street and 1117 N. Royal Street, so let us know if you’d like a tour before dinner!

Trademark: This place is extremely popular with people who spend a lot of time living and working in the Carlyle area, and I can see why. With teal walls, yellow and brass accents, and floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, Trademark offers a great vibe and an exceptional Restaurant Week menu. The short rib is a little dry, but the IPA marinated pork chop is incredible. Our server told us it is one of those plates that gets overlooked on the regular menu, so Trademark wanted to give it a time to shine during Restaurant Week. Add the drink pairings of beer or wine for just $10 more; the Hot Toddy and Old Fashioned are great, too.

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