The Dining Room’s Time To Shine

Let’s face it, dining rooms are pretty much ignored the majority of the year…then the holidays roll around and suddenly they get a lot of attention.  The holidays bring out our nesting instincts; we start thinking about setting beautiful, welcoming tables to make our loved ones feel happy, relaxed, and comfortable as we gather.


For inspiration, I searched the internet for a few swoon-worthy dining rooms.  This dining room, designed by Suzanne Kasler, definitely wins my heart.  I love the mix of colors and fabrics.


Here is another lovely dining room I Pinned.  It is completely different than the Kasler-designed space, yet uses a similar style dining chair.


So let’s focus for a moment on the chairs, which are the most important feature of a dining room, after all.  They need to be pretty…and comfortable.  I have chosen a few of my favorite chairs and paired them with some inspirational dining rooms in different styles — some more casual, some more formal — so you can see how to “get the look.”  All of these chairs can be bought through Coco Blanca in different finishes and fabrics.



slipcovered-2-collage-sample Here are more options. Since these aren’t as customizable, they are a much better price point! And the dining rooms can be just as beautiful.

Here are a few more chairs from Palacek, if you prefer a more casual, California feel.



palacek-03 After updating your dining room with any of these beautiful chairs, your dining room, too, can be swoon-worthy…and I promise you will be spending more time in there year round!

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