How To Dress (Your Bar) for Happy Hour

It’s Friday! Hosting a happy hour? Having a party? We have everything you need to look stylish and fun – and we can dress up your bar, too! Whether you are serving a lovely champagne or a robust IPA, we have a wonderful selection of standout ice buckets, bar tools, and serving bowls in our store right now to help you add that little spark of special to your existing collection. Cheers!

Ready for friends! 2-Bottle Aluminum Ice Bucket, $137.50 | 3-Bottle Aluminum Ice Bucket, $137.50

Clockwise from top left: Bubble Glass Ice Bucket, $150 | Ceramic Ice Bucket with Gold Band, $105 | Aluminum Ice Bucket with Scoop, $147.50 | Glass Ice Bucket with Platinum Band, $112.50

 Clockwise from top left: Casablanca Nut Bowls with Horn Legs, Small $60, Large $90 | 5-Piece Bone Bar Tool Set, $150 | Antique Gold Aluminum 3-Cup Nut Bowl, $82.50 | Aluminum Fish Serving Bowl, $42.50 | 11”x9” Aluminum Tray, $23.75

If your bar is complete but you’re searching for that perfect engagement or wedding gift, barware is a great gift.  You will be thrilled with your choice knowing that it is a present that the happy couple will be sure to love for years to come.

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