Easy Dressing with Equipment

While my personal fashion preferences are not even close to outlandish, I’ve never been one to shy away from sequins, lace, or even a few feathers. I actually have an abnormal amount of pieces with feathers in my closet. But let’s be honest, are those my go to items? Of course not.

At 7:30am when my kids are screaming “Where are my sneakers?” or my husband is yelling “Have you seen my wallet?” and I am trying to pack lunches, feed the dog, and get out the door looking somewhat respectable, am I really grabbing the glitz and the glitter? Of course not. I mean, I wish I could find my inner Sarah Jessica Parker and make some crazy things look cool, but usually I just want to make sure my teeth are brushed and I don’t have coffee stains on my shirt.

So when I was deciding which brands to fill the shelves at The Hive, there was one line in particular from my closet I knew we had to have, a line that has saved me on many of these mornings: Equipment.

Equipment made its mark with perfectly tailored and menswear-inspired shirts that come in every color imaginable as well as a variety of fabrics and cuts. Since they began in 1976, the collection has expanded to include dresses, cashmere, jackets, and even pajamas.

If you are looking for classic closet staples that will become your go-to items when you get dressed on crazy and not-so-crazy mornings, we have beautiful cashmere sweaters, silk button-downs, and a silk bomber jacket that will make any outfit a great outfit.

We hope you’ll come in and check out our growing Equipment selection. While you’re at it, let us know what other basics you are looking for in your wardrobe. Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest items to find!

The Shirts

The silk button-down shirt is the piece that put Equipment on the map. We currently stock versions of it in black, cream, and navy. Look for more colors come spring as well as some great new prints.

The Sweaters


Once Equipment perfected the silk shirt, they moved on to sweaters. The basic crew, available in cream, navy, and black is perfect for layering, and the basic black fitted turtleneck is the sweater I always needed but could never find. The oversized V-neck and gray turtleneck are perfect for cold fall days with pencils jeans and a great bootie (my winter uniform).

The Not-So-Basic Basics


Lace tee also available in white

This season through next spring, fashion is all about the bomber jacket. Equipment’s black silk version is the perfect four-season piece to add to your wardrobe. The Riley tee and Colbie shirt can stand on their own or wear effortlessly under a jacket or cardigan.

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