Fantasy Football vs. Fantasy Decorating

With the Super Bowl in just a few days, we are deep into Fantasy Football at my house, and have been for a while. My husband seemed to enjoy the whole process so much I was eager to learn.  I do know a bit about football, after all — I grew up in Georgia and everyone was/is all about the Georgia Bulldogs — so my husband tried to explain to me how to play.

Well it turns out that while I do enjoy watching, I really know very little about professional football players. I quickly realized I didn’t know nearly enough about the players to even begin to make a bet, even if only for $4.  I decided what I really would enjoy much more is a fantasy decorating session!

So while my husband and all his friends were busy putting together their teams, I was busy putting together this room.  All the furniture is from Bernhardt (and through today, all 40 percent off at Coco Blanca).  I found some really cool art on Pinterest, and the rug is from Eliko Rugs.  The lighting is from Visual Comfort via Coco Blanca, now 20 percent off all orders.

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