Get a Jump on Easter with these Bunny-Approved Kids Gifts

It’s never too late to start channeling the Easter Bunny.  Since Why Not? closed over a year ago we at Red Barn have slowly been growing our children’s gift section hoping to fill a little bit of the giant hole they left in our hearts.  We are pretty pleased with the result and believe you’ll like what you find this Easter!

1. March rolls in like a lion and out like this sweet stuffed lamb from Jelly Cat.  She is joined by her rabbit and duck friends this spring.  Stuffed Lamb, $28

2. Teach children their ABC’s with a little help from Andy Warhol using these beautifully illustrated ring flash cards. Each card features an uppercase letter on one side and a corresponding illustration by Warhol on the other.  They’re perfect for you budding artist.  Andy Warhol Ring Flash Cards, $15

3. We have a whole plethora of cotton swaddles with whimsical patterns and stripes in lovely color palettes. Cute prints that aren’t too cute for you! This Noah’s Ark swaddle will keep your bunny snug and tight.  Cotton Swaddle, $22.50

4. Get ready for some sticky gooey fun with this DIY Bubble Gum kit.  It makes more than a half pound of the most delicious bubble gum you have ever tasted.  Learn science and how to blow the perfect bubble all in one, what’s more fun than that?  DIY Bubble Gum Kit, $18

5. One of my son’s favorite things is Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty.  If your kids need something to do with their hands this will definitely keep them busy and engaged.  With fun effects like glow in the dark, magnetic, and color shifting, Thinking Putty is a wonderful and colorful addition to any Easter basket.  Thinking Putty, $3.50 – $18

6. This wonderful game will allow your family to create its own fairy tales. Highly original and with a contemporary twist, this game contains 20 puzzle pieces printed on both sides, which can be interchanged to allow for all kinds of plots. With three alternative endings!  Story Box Puzzle, $14.95

7. Meet Mirabelle and Mr. Muller—an irresistible Boston terrier and her devoted owner. They discover the joy of the simple and the pleasure of the everyday—playing catch, chasing a butterfly—in a fresh, appealing series of board books by Maryland author Michael Muller.  Mirabelle & the Butterfly, $6.95

8. Teach children to spell, sequence, and stack; sort, build, and match with these beautifully crafted ABC blocks made in Michigan. Twenty-eight blocks featuring four full alphabets, colorful numbers, math symbols, plus a menagerie of hand-crafted animals are a fun way to learn. Upper & Lowercase ABC Blocks, $25 

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