Introducing LuRu Home

Last week I wrote about the minimalist country look. I tried to keep it to a digestible length which meant I didn’t get to wax poetic on how to add pattern with pillows. This week I wanted to highlight one of our favorite pillow makers, LuRu Home. They are the perfect amount of pattern to fit in any décor.

Started in 2010 by Claire Russo and Liza Serratore, childhood friends who later crossed paths in Shanghai after college, LuRu Home is bringing the ancient Chinese art of Nankeen indigo dyeing to the States.  What is Nankeen dyeing, you ask?  In the words of LuRu it is…

“The Nankeen dyeing technique, dating back 3,000 years, is native to China’s Jiangsu province. Known also as Lan Yin Hua Bu (蓝印花布) and Blue Calico, it’s still practiced traditionally today in a handful of small workshops. Using hand-cut paper screens, soybean paste thickened with lime, and natural indigo dye, artisans print contemporary versions of ancient patterns on locally-grown cottons and linens.”

In my words, it’s simply beautiful.  You know I love blue and these two make the perfect navy blue pillows.  They are bold while not being overpowering and they offer just the right amount of pattern to complete traditional, minimalist, and beach décors alike.

LuRu offers screen-printed and digitally printed fabrics by the yard and in finished pillows. I love that all their screen-printed fabrics are printed by hand in a Rhode Island family-owned print shop that’s been in operation since 1937 and that all their dyes – screen and digitally printed – are water based and non-toxic, both of which are environmentally friendly.

In addition to the fabrics they design, LuRu offers vintage Chinese Nankeen dyed fabrics and pillows.  I used one of their vintage pieces to upholster my new headboard.  It is gorgeous, if I do say so myself!  No one else will have a bed like mine.  LuRu’s vintage offerings allow me to make a statement that is utterly personal and who doesn’t want that?

Finally, Claire and Liza are two of the nicest people we work with.  They are always accommodating and considerate, which makes us love them even more.

If you want to express yourself in a unique way, keep your carbon footprint low, and do business with good people, then I highly recommend this little company that makes a big impact.


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