Isabel Marant, Now at The Hive

Remember the rise of the wedge sneaker? Or maybe the western bootie called the “Dicker” that literally sold out in days when it arrived in store or online? Then there is menswear-inspired clothing or the dressy jogger that became huge trends and are now fashion staples. So to whom can we attribute these trends? Most fashion junkies like me would all shout in unison: Isabel Marant.

She is, in fact, the arbiter of French girl cool. And who doesn’t want to emulate that Parisian chic look that so effortlessly comes to those who were born there? That is why countless books have been written about how to dress like a French woman. No other country that I am aware of warrants this type of attention in the literary world.

I shamelessly admit this is to what I aspire. That is probably why, when opening The Hive, I was completely obsessed with carrying the Isabel Marant Etoile clothing line. When people asked what my vision for the store was, or what or why I wanted to open the store, this is the type of clothing I wanted to offer to Alexandria. Nothing epitomizes my vision more than this collection of casual, easy basics that somehow manage to be unique but never go out of style.

I recently read an article about Isabel Marant (thank you for the referral, fellow fashion junkie Meg Lombardo) and her Deputy CEO Anouck Duranteau-Loeper that perfectly summed up why the line resonates so well with me and why I hope customers will love it as well.

“It is more real and relevant to an everyday girl and an everyday life. The way Marant works is to design for women in their life, not as a fantasy of something.”

Here is the other amazing thing about Isabel Marant — since she introduced her line in 1994, her company has always been run by women. How is that for girl power?





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