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My passion at Mystique is combining classic elegance with current jewelry trends, different shapes and new styles. I love to create a jewelry wardrobe that reflects my own personal style. Normally I wear jeans. I would definitely call myself a “jeans girl.” By adding shades of black, silver, gold, or a quiet play of colored gemstones, I capture a subdued and exciting look that fits my style – from work to play and nights out with my friends.

I’ve chosen a few of my favorite pieces for the holiday season. This selection is a reflection of my personal style: unique with a bit of an edge.


One of my all time favorites from the Mystique Collection are black diamonds – rough cut, like these earrings and bracelet from designer Dana Kellin.


18kt gold and leather …. Who can resist?


Stacking my wrist with beautiful cuff bracelets from designer Jude Frances is a must. How can you go wrong with this look starting at $480.00?



My go to earrings are these Jude Frances gold hoops. They feel so good and have a light and stylish finish. And, adding a charm can change the look completely.


Labradorite is another favorite of mine. It showcases a dramatic flash of blue and golden color as the stone is moved in the light. It arises from light interference within microscopically thin layers of twinned crystals. How exciting to be able to wear natural gemstones that have been adorned for millions of years!


Then, top everything off with an exceptional diamond ring. Emerald shape is my favorite! Come see our amazing 3.00 ct priced to sell for the holidays!


Stop by to see Mystique’s collection of couture fashion forward one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. I’d love to show you some of my favorite pieces.


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