Are These Kitchen Trends Too Trendy?

Last week, we discussed paint trends and how various colors can impact the sale of your home. This week, we’re talking about trends in another crucial element of your home: the kitchen.

In the past two years or so, we’ve seen trending toward large, open, combined kitchen-and-family rooms that allow the kitchen to function as a central gathering space and make entertaining easy. Large center islands double as preparation space and serving space; kitchen tables become places to do homework or watch TV while Mom and Dad cook.

The trends discussed in this PureWow article go beyond the floor plan and hone in on specific design features. We polled the realtors on the team to see whether these are things that they might actually try in their own homes—and whether or not they’d advise their clients to do the same.


Navy Cabinets

Britt: Navy is my favorite color, and while I always wear it on my body, I’m not sure the trend of navy cabinets is worth the money the cabinets will cost. Then again, you can always paint cabinets white if you get sick of the navy…but that, of course, brings in an additional cost.


Dark Hardware

Phyllis: The industrial look continues with sleek walnut cabinetry and white counters. I’m also seeing that appliances are moving away from stainless steel and toward wood-covered again.


Outspoken Tile

Joanne: I love the look of a unique tile that speaks to the owner’s personality and look of a specific room. It may take longer to sell a home with outspoken tile, so a seller may have to replace when listing.


A Breakfast Nook

Melissa: I prefer a breakfast bar with stools. It makes the kitchen more inviting.


Open Shelves

Tracy: I love a space that breathes and feels airy with open shelves. Choose what you keep on the shelves carefully to add pops of color to neutral spaces and create a streamlined design with texture and fun!


White Quartz Countertops

Maria: OBSESSED. Wouldn’t put anything else in my kitchen right now.


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