Life Hack: Sherwood Gourmet

Do you ever just want a sandwich really badly? Something simple that has only what you want on it and not all that overly fancy stuff? If that’s what you’re craving, Sherwood Gourmet is the place to go. A longtime Patterson Group favorite conveniently located off of Sherwood Hall Lane—just a little ways out from Fort Hunt Road, which many Alexandrians traverse what feels like at least 15 times a day—Sherwood Gourmet is an absolute staple in Alexandria.

Sherwood Gourmet is operating under new ownership as of late, but preserving everything that we’ve loved about the place for more than 20 years. Just reading the selection of sandwiches, each consisting of about four or five quality ingredients, will make your mouth water. The friendly neighborhood restaurant also serves breakfast all day long (does anyone else randomly need a breakfast sandwich at 4pm, or is that just me?), as well as a variety of salads (pasta salad, potato salad, etc.), and a selection of desserts that will make your head spin (they offer more than ten kinds of brownies).

We love the West Potomac, with pastrami, coleslaw, provolone, and Russian dressing; the Hawaiian, featuring tarragon chicken salad and avocado on challah bread; and the Virginian, complete with black forest ham, cheddar, and Honeycup mustard on a croissant. Those are for when we’re feeling adventurous, but more often than not (read: at least once a week), we’ll stop by for a Mount Vernon, a gem of a sandwich with turkey, cheddar, Granny Smith apples, and Sherwood’s Secret Sauce.

Read on for the optimized version of the Mount Vernon sandwich, brought to you by Maria Bowman, a longtime Waynewood resident and one of Sherwood Gourmet’s biggest fans.

  • Step 1: Swap the baguette for rye bread and make sure to get it toasted.

  • Step 2: Ask for extra Sherwood’s Secret Sauce to literally dip the sandwich in.

  • Step 3: Add Route 11 Sour Cream & Chive chips. If they’re not available, Dill Pickle chips are an acceptable substitution.

Stop by for lunch—tell them The Patterson Group sent you—and be prepared to take a trip back very, very soon. You won’t be able to resist the next you pass by!


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