Marion Parke Has Found the High Heel “Holy Grail”

The number one concern I hear when customers are shopping for shoes is comfort. When it comes to wearing heels, many women simply say it isn’t an option any more, and I include myself in this category.  Yes, I have some low, chunky-heeled sandals and booties that I can wear most of the day. There are certain heels, however, that I look at and immediately feel the pain in my arches without even touching them.

There are rare friends and customers — Tandy Harrison, Angela Sitilides, Carla Crawford, Mary Alexander, Maurisa Potts, to name a few — who have been genetically blessed with either a very high threshold for pain, or superior feet. They wear heels daily and when you actually see them in sneakers or flip-flops — because they don’t really own flats — you almost don’t recognize them.

Here is the problem: heels just look better. At least for me, when I put on a pair of heels I just feel a little more put together. It’s like I can hear in my ear the old tongue-in-cheek fashion saying: “the higher the heels the closer to God.”

Well, luckily for us mere mortals, there is a podiatrist in Minnesota who day in and out was hearing the exact same complaints. Marion Parke had countless patients saying that they couldn’t find elegant footwear that didn’t hurt their feet.

So she left her days of medicine behind and decided to solve this problem. And solve it she did! In the spring of 2016, she launched her namesake collection and ever since, people have been clamoring for her designs. The fashion press agrees: she nailed it.

The accolades continue in Vogue, Elle, Glamour, and most recently in The Wall Street Journal, which said Marion Parke had a “rare eye for elegance” and has proven that “genuine comfort can look refined.”

W Magazine called her shoes “The Holy Grail.”

Luxury Living said that “luxury can feel as good as it looks.”

Refinery 29 said of these shoes: “Other than the fact that the shoes are designed with science in mind, they are often very versatile.”

  • The Bernadette in camel, $625
  • The Bernadette in camel, $625
  • The Bernadette in moss, $625
  • The Mackenzie in smoke, $695
  • The Mitchell in black, $650
  • The Mitchell in dusty pale pink, $650
  • The Dee in black, $595

So how did she make them so comfortable? Here are the top three reasons.

  • Each insole is made with medical-grade foam previously reserved for orthotics and prosthetics.
  • Arch support is built into her design, so the wearer’s weight is distributed evenly to reduce pressure on the ball of the feet.
  • She pays attention to the shape of the insole sculpting so it follows the natural curvature of the bottom of the foot.

The Shoe Hive is thrilled to bring this collection to Northern Virginia. We hope you love it as much as we do. We promise your feet will thank us.


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