Mind the Mat’s Je Ne Sais Quoi

A few weeks back, my business partner Megan Brown wrote a post on the community at Mind the Mat and the feeling you get when you walk through the doors here.  She called it 1 part party and 2 parts peace.  Or the jester and the lover.  In essence, we have fun and we care a lot.

I remembered what Megan had written because yesterday I was at Mind the Mat and a client began to talk to me openly. This is what she said: “It feels like home to me here. Everyone is so welcoming.  I tried a different studio for a few weeks because the class time and type worked better for me, but I came back, because I love it here.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 11.05.14 PM

This same client told me that she had come to Mind the Mat as a Pilates student but recently started practicing yoga.  She said, “I feel like when I practice yoga here, I can just be myself.  I don’t have to be ashamed or compare myself to anyone else.  I feel accepted.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 11.05.00 PM

It was not the first time I had heard these same sentiments from a client, so I sat back and really let her words sink in.


The more I let it sink in, the more I realized how huge what she was saying is.  In that moment I felt more successful than I have ever felt before.  That is what we all want — a place that feels like home.  I am so thankful that my client shared her feelings with me because it motivates me to cherish, protect, and build upon the values she named.  I am also am thankful because I wanted to tell her that Mind the Mat is that way because people like her walk through the doors.  People like her create Mind the Mat.  It might sound strange coming from an owner, but I want to say, it’s an honor to be part of it all.

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