North Old Town Development Report: Goodbye Giant, Hello West Elm

After eagerly tracking progress on EDENS’s new development on First Street for many months, we were thrilled to learn that they broke ground a week ago today and announced their first big tenant!

The developer of Mosaic District and Union Market has set its sights on an entire block in North Old Town and designed what they have named Gables Old Town North, a mixed-use development.  According to the Old Town Alexandria Patch, it will be six stories tall and consist of 50,000 square feet of restaurant, ground floor retail space, and 232 residences. And THE BIG NEWS: it is confirmed that West Elm is the big anchoring tenant! As a North Old Town resident, that really excites me because it shows the future direction of the north side of the city and promises to create hip and fun sub-communities off of historic King Street.

EDENS has not yet announced which other stores and restaurants will set up shop there. If it is anything like Mosaic District, we can expect some well-known national retailers and great local chains, too—and hopefully some great local restaurants (a Ted’s Bulletin in Old Town, maybe?! Have you tried their pop tarts? Who’s with me?).

This can only be expected to increase the value of homes in North Old Town. They already sell quickly for $1,000,000+, as shown by the recent sales and influx of interested buyers in Printers Row. The proximity to the Potomac River, Metro, airport, and Washington, D.C., and the neighborhood’s walkability to award-winning restaurants, Harris Teeter, Trader Joe’s, Starbucks, and more make the North Old Town lifestyle increasingly attractive to younger buyers.

Interest in living in this area will soar with the addition of a great place to shop and dine that offers that wide range of familiar and trendy options that millennials tend to love. I tried to resist but simply cannot pass up the opportunity to say that my house will be coming on in the market in the next few weeks!!

When we hear about what else is coming to Gables Old Town North, you all will be among the first people we tell!


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