It’s Not Too Late To Be Her Favorite

So, it’s already Friday. Mother’s Day is two days away — and you are totally prepared, right? You’ve found the perfect gift, that super-thoughtful, exactly-what-she-wants item you just know will convey your undying love and respect for her, yes? Or maybe it’s the other way around? Perhaps your darling children could use a few hints. Either way, Red’s Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Guide can save the day.

1. Floral notebook, $20 – I think list-making is contagious. My mom is a list maker and her list-making has rubbed off on me.  I always keep a notebook by my side.  It keeps all my pseudo-brilliant ideas, grocery lists, vacation plans, to-do lists, etc.  Notebooks are indispensable for keeping Mom organized and sane.

2. Pajama bottoms, $25 – I’m not gonna lie, my pajama game is limited, so when I saw these, I knew we had to have them. They are so sweet and ridiculously comfy.  Mom would love a pair.  And at this price maybe two or three.

3. Eyelet toiletry bag, $43 – Hand-block printed in India with a hand-tied tassel made by a fourth generation tassel-tying family in Rajasthan (how cool is that?!), Mom can travel in style!

4. Small Adventure card, $6 – Sometimes a note of love and thanks is all your mom really wants. I’m pretty sure they don’t hear it enough, so now’s as good a time as any to express how much she means to you.

5. In the Company of Women, $35 – For all the moms out there who are entrepreneurs, this book is for them. Full of inspiration and advice from women in all kinds of industries, it makes the perfect gift for anyone living – or starting – their dream of being their own boss.

6. Flamingo cocktail glass, $15 each – Dad isn’t the only one who loves a good cocktail. A set of these fun, totally-on-trend flamingo glasses, a Bittermilk cocktail mixer, and her favorite spirit will make Mom’s hardest day a little easier.

7. Walter G Bandol pillow, $155 – Hand-blocked in India, Walter G’s pillows make a statement. They say that Mom is cool, stylish, and interesting.  Who knew a pillow could say so much?

8. Bud vases, $10 – We love these sweet little bud vases. Collect a few or grab just one with a simple bouquet and Mom will be so grateful for your thoughtfulness.


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