Perfect in All the Wrong Places

Body positive images are making headway in the media. There are anti-airbrush bathing suit campaigns and record numbers of plus-size models hitting New York runways. So refreshing! However, the modeling industry has even picked the perfect plus-size look: the very feminine hourglass figure…big busts, full hips, and a nipped in waist. Uh….HELLO! Not only do the majority of American women not mimic the look of a waif-ish model, we all also don’t mimic an hourglass figure. No two figures are alike and it is ridiculous the clothing industry acts as if it accurately represents ALL body types.

Clothing is made by standard measurement and as we know one size does not fit all. That is why Kiskadee continues to carry fashions that embrace our body differences. We enjoy helping our customers find solutions for their personal styling proportions!


The A-line

Tried and true A-line styles are wider at the hips than the bust.  It can help even out broad shoulders and make you look taller!


The Wrap

Wrap dresses or wrap shirts with gathers are great for accentuating your waistline!  If the wrap has gathers, it can also diminish any perceived imperfections.


Cropped Pants

Wider legged pants like culottes or cropped pants are great for non-hourglass shapes. They can balance out broad shoulders and give small hips a bit of a boost. And, they look terrific with cropped tops!


We are all proof that women who love fashion, whether a size 2 or 22, deserve to be celebrated in the styles they love!


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