Illuminating Form + Ingenius Function: Peter Bristol Lighting

I have expressed before how much I love going to High Point Market. I love seeing how all the talented furniture designers put together their showrooms, the luscious new fabrics, and discovering products I have never seen before.  One product that caught my eye this time was Peter Bristol’s lighting for Visual Comfort. Peter has come up with a genius idea for creating the perfectly lit room. The LED lamp looks like a spotlight, but isn’t. It emits soft light against a wall, or ceiling, or, if you need task lighting, you can direct it toward whatever you are working on.

Accent lamp, $622.50

I find Peter Bristol fascinating. He is currently director of industrial design at virtual reality company Oculus. In addition, Peter partners with design-focused companies to create furniture, lighting, and other goods. He creates ideas that should exist and then brings them to life in the right way. Unlike other designers at Visual Comfort, who tend to be about design, he focuses on function as much as form. And although his products are not solely about the aesthetic, as you can see from these lamps he often looks for a compelling architecture as the root of the design.

I found this lamp at the showroom at Visual Comfort. One can direct the panel in whatever direction you wish: turn it toward the wall or up toward the ceiling to create different moods:



His ceiling light works the same way.  It can be directed down toward your work at hand or up to the ceiling for a softer, moodier light.



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