My Reality TV Debut

I married a man who hates cake. Not only does he hate cake, but he hates chocolate, too. So how in the world did we end up on a TV show called “Cake Hunters”?! Well, a man who hates cake and hates chocolate married a woman who LOVES cake and LOVES chocolate, and in case you’ve never met me…I can be pretty darn persuasive.

But really, how did we end up on “Cake Hunters”? First, we were recommended by our fabulous wedding planner, Kelley Cannon, and after that, it was all up to us. Fast forward a few days, and we’re sitting in front of a computer for my first ever Skype call, and on the other end is this mysterious producer who is calling us from Knoxville, Tennessee!

Geoff, my husband, tells the story best:

“So, here we are waiting for this lady to appear, and Brittany is so nervous/excited that she doesn’t know what to do with herself. This could be her BIG break. (She mentioned HGTV no fewer than 10 times prior to said Skype.) Lady appears and asks some simple questions, to which Brittany is blurting out some very excited answers: ‘Yes! Alexandria! Yes! Mount Vernon riverfront wedding! YES! I LOVE CAKE!,’ said over and over again.

“She is basically being like every other bride who has ever been put in front of this woman. At the next moment Brittany took a breath, the woman actually asked Brittany to BACK AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER so they could see and hear from me. Yes, they told Brittany to back off, which I naturally got a good chuckle from, and then they said to me, ‘Geoff, so what would you like to be featured on your cake?’

“I said, ‘Well…Alexandria is a historic shipping port and our wedding is on the water, so I feel our cake should pay respects to this Alexandria’s shipping port history’…to which Brittany actually responded, appalled, ‘What?! What are you talking about!? We are NOT having a nautical or shipping port-themed cake!’

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how we ended up on the Cooking Channel’s “Cake Hunters.

This episode of “Cake Hunters” aired on Wednesday, January 4th, but it will be on again at the following times: January 18, 2:30am; January 18, 10:30pm; and, January 27, 5:30pm. Set those DVRs!

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