When a Realtor Builds Her Dream Home, Part 1


Sometime in 2016, I lost my mind. In March, while we were in the middle of planning our wedding, a builder I love and have worked with for 15+ years secured a fabulous lot in a neighborhood where six of our dearest friends live. Mid-pitch to a couple of clients on what an opportunity this was to build a semi-custom home, it hit me: I want this house! Now, only to convince my loving, soon-to-be husband…

Sure, we don’t have children and we love our home in Old Town, but EVENTUALLY we’re going to have to leave our 16-foot-wide townhouse for a larger space, so why not start now?! I went to soon-to-be husband and made the best two points I could come up with:

1) Our adoring, loving puggle definitely needs a yard, and a yard means fewer 6:30am walks for loving, soon-to-be husband.

2) A basement room (one, though…only one) that he can do WHATEVER he wants. (When in doubt, ladies, ALWAYS pull this card!)

So, after 30 minutes of dream conversations about fewer early morning walks in the freezing cold/rain/snow (always mention the worst weather conditions) and the room he plans to hang no fewer than five TVs in (I work weekends! What the heck! Let the man have his sports!), we were in agreement! We were officially moving to the ‘burbs!

With the move agreed upon, I set out to find plans, ideas, and facades of houses I liked that we could provide to our fabulous architect, Steve Kulinski, of Kulinski Group in Old Town, Alexandria. My hope was to keep architectural costs down by not starting from scratch. While the lot is fabulous and one of the larger lots in the neighborhood, it is not huge by any stretch of the imagination (0.21 acres, to be exact) and, with setbacks, we are limited in what we can build.

Conveniently, a TTR Sotheby’s International Realty agent from Maryland presented an upcoming listing at a company meeting, and I just loved the white siding and wraparound porch.  I’m a southern girl at heart, and a wraparound porch and screened-in porch are on my dream home list.

It also helps to have a best friend in the design business who is southern and more than willing to share her stylebooks, guides, and, of course, the best people to follow on Instagram! Thank you, Casey Sanford, for this photo:

So with these two fabulous photos, we had a design, color scheme, and direction in which to head.

To be continued next week…

One thought on “When a Realtor Builds Her Dream Home, Part 1

  1. LOVE everything about this! We can’t wait to have this stunning house and our sweet friends the Hills just a few blocks away. What a fabulous collaboration!

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