When a Realtor Builds Her Dream Home, Part 2

When we met with our architect, Steve Kulinski, with whom we’ve worked with on many projects over the years, it instantly became clear that he understands who we are and what we’re looking for in our dream home. He came back to us with something we fell in love with immediately! After making sure that the columns on the front and screened-in porches would be square, not round (sorry! I just prefer them square!), we had an agreement and could begin moving forward.

As of January 21st, I am excited to share with you, we actually had a house to see! The metal roof went on last weekend and we’re thrilled to see the exterior progress being made!


After agreeing on the façade, we next attacked the floor plans. It helped tremendously that we have a ton of wonderful friends living in the neighborhood in similarly sized and modeled homes. Again, we don’t have children, but maybe someday in the future (hello, Mother, who is reading this…yes, one day in the future!), we will be blessed enough to, so having mom friends to ask what they like and dislike about their homes was really key! We also factored in complaints that we hear from clients all the time.

Here’s what I call our “non-negotiable list” that I gave to Steve Kulinski:

1) A walk-in pantry

2) A mudroom

3) A garage big enough to comfortably fit two cars and provide some extra storage

4) An open-concept kitchen and family room

5) A kitchen with tons of cabinet space and an island

Then I gave Steve our Dream List:

1) Screened-in porch

2) Double-sided fireplace from family room to screened-in porch

3) Main-level office so I feel like I can interact with others while I work

4) A master bedroom closet big enough for an island

5) A shower with a rain shower head so my 6’5” husband can stand tall!

6) A formal dining room so one day I can host all the family holidays

7) A bedroom-level, “Pinterest-worthy” laundry room

8) An attached bath in each bedroom

9) And, of course, Geoff’s TV room

With that said, we have a budget and we’re sticking to it!

After a few additional meetings with Steve, we now have a final layout. While we didn’t get everything we wanted, we’re pretty darn excited with what was presented to us!

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