When a Realtor Builds Her Dream Home, Part 4: 5 Things I *Now* Know About Appliances

After tackling the sink issue, I also soon learned that in order to accurately design a kitchen, the designer needs to know your appliance selections. Here are the five things I now know about appliances.

1. I am not a professional chef and once burned my eyebrows off on a Wolf Range. So, cost aside, I will NOT be needing professional-grade appliances.

2. When was the last time you picked up Consumer Reports OR read a review of an appliance online? Does everyone take to writing reviews when they are absolutely at their worst? Not every appliance made can be as terrible as the person reviewing it claims—right?! (Let’s hope!)

3. The two times a year I do cook, I am not a huge fan of how everyone is standing on top of each other directly in front of the gas range. So, when I do decide to turn the oven on, I like to send my husband to another corner of the room. I understand most people love the double oven gas range, but when was the last time you priced out a KitchenAid double oven gas range?? I believe the quote we got was for somewhere around $8,500…Again, I don’t cook, so I’d like to think I can spend that $8,500 on the food I will potentially ruin in my not-so-expensive oven.

4. Package deals: Buying all the same brand often leads to manufacturers’ rebates! So we decided on all KitchenAid appliances and will be getting a $1,200 credit, which I’ll gladly use towards a washer/dryer (oh, Lord—I cannot even begin to imagine the reviews I’ll read of those!).

5. Refrigerators have two things you should seriously consider: cubic square footage and water dispenser. Cubic square footage means how much stuff can you actually fit inside that fridge. Your typical 36-inch French door refrigerator probably has 20.8 cubic feet of storage space, which is 15.25 in the fridge and 5.56 in the bottom—in reality, not a lot of space. So, unless you are going to stick an extra fridge in your garage, now would be the time to upgrade. The other interesting thing I learned is the cost difference between a 42-inch and 48-inch fridge is almost minimal (talking a few hundred dollars). A 42-inch offers 25 inches of space and a 48-inch offers 29.5 cubic feet of space. Lastly, water dispenser: This is crazy important to me, as I refill my Shoe Hive-purchased S’well bottle multiple times a day. That cool, clean, crisp water that comes out of there is delicious to me, and—sorry Mom—I always wanted one growing up. As a grown-up, I choose to always have one—and guess what?! Not every fridge comes with one!

We’ve finally finalized appliances, ultimately deciding on all KitchenAid appliances, to include a 48-inch fridge with a water dispenser on the front and a double wall oven with a separate cooktop. And my wonderful neighbors and friends will gladly invite you over to have a meal they’ve made in our kitchen!


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