Sea Bags: A Sailor’s Delight

Now, I’m not a sailor – in fact, I prefer my feet firmly planted on terra firma, thank you very much – but I do love the mystery of the sea. It seems so infinite, and that is, all at once, liberating and terrifying. When you stand in front of something so colossal, you realize your insignificance and all your worries, stresses, and problems are immediately put into perspective and you can breathe again.  The Yin to that Yang is when I look into the water and see no end in sight and think of all the creatures living in there that might find me to be a tasty morsel.

While I have mixed feelings about the ocean, I do love the idea of sailing. From fancy knots and anchors to open sails and sea breezes, sailing seems so romantic. Since the likelihood of me ever getting on a sailboat without the largest life jacket known to man is slim, I will have to make do with a new tote from Sea Bags.  Made from real sails that sailed real seas, my new bag is the closest thing to me becoming a sailor.

Sea Bags are a true sailor’s delight.  They are handmade in a building overlooking the water on one of the only commercial wharfs open to the public in Portland, Maine.  You can smell the salt air and hear the seagulls now, can’t you?  Not only is their rope from the only rope manufacturer in New England and their thread from the last remaining thread manufacturer in the U.S., they have saved 500 pounds of sails from going in a landfill.

For me, this sustainable mission and their mission to support other small manufacturers make Sea Bags more special than any other tote bag on the market. The fact that they are stylish, durable, and suntan-lotion-spill-proof are a bonus.

We have several styles in stock.  From wristlets to clutches to totes of all sizes, we are excited to bring you Sea Bags.

With my Sea Bag in hand, I’m setting aside my fears to plan a family beach vacation for this summer (any good beach recommendations are much appreciated).  Here’s to fun in the sun and finding perspective for all of us!


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