Snow More Foyer Woes

We know it’s coming but we don’t know what we will get.  It’s winter and that usually means snow.  Whether it’s a few inches or a few feet like last year, it’s good to be prepared for snowy boots walking in and out of the front door.  A few baskets by the door to capture wet boots, hats, gloves, and mittens, hooks to hang coats to dry, and a really good rug under your feet to stop the snow and mud from being tracked through the house are key essentials for any foyer.

For rugs on a snowy, muddy, or rainy – day we love Dash and Albert’s indoor/outdoor rugs.  They are equal parts fabulous and functional.  With fun to sophisticated patterns, they make your entryway look nice and stay nice.

Dash and Albert’s indoor/outdoor rugs come in two types – woven polypropylene and woven PET.  What are these materials, you may ask?  For you scientists out there, polypropylene is a type of thermoplastic polymer resin.  The chemical designation is C3H6.  For the rest of us, it’s simply plastic.  The type that we see in everyday life.  PET is what they use to make plastic bottles.  It is non-toxic and 100 percent recyclable, making it the more eco-friendly of the two options. Both types of rugs are virtually indestructible.  And, with UV protection, they keep their vibrant color longer.

Those snowy boots ate no match for these rugs.  Cleaning has never been easier.  Simply scrub them with a mild-detergent with a soft brush, hose them off either outside or in the shower, then line dry them.  You can even use bleach on the most stubborn spills.  Easy breezy!

At Red Barn Mercantile we do our best to take the guess work out of buying a new rug.  We carry a 2×3 rug in every style that Dash and Albert makes.  Naturally we sell these as they are perfect for the front door, bathroom, or by the sink, but we also use them as our samples.  If you are looking for a specific color then we encourage you to borrow our rugs, take them home to see how they look in your space, then come back and order the larger size.

Keeping the snow outside has never been simpler or prettier.  Again, easy breezy!

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