style tip: get your roll on

As a personal stylist, our job is not just about the pieces we select for our clients, but how they wear those pieces. Some of the most common questions I get are about how to roll…roll jeans, roll shirt sleeves, roll jacket sleeves…you name it. Don’t underestimate the power of a good roll; it can instantly change the silhouette and overall vibe of your look.

Here are a few rolls that I most commonly incorporate into my clients’ looks and how to recreate them yourself.

The Blazer Jacket Roll
It’s not technically a roll, but I do love pushed-up jacket sleeves. When scrunched, they make a suited look less boxy, less stuffy. Plus, here’s a secret: pushing up your jacket sleeve to your elbow draws attention to your waistline and can make your legs look longer. This works particularly well if you are wearing a longer boyfriend-style blazer that elongates your torso.

So how do you keep that darn sleeve up? One trick that editorial stylists like to use is to put a rubber band right above the crook of your elbow and push up the sleeve to scrunch over the rubber band. It’s a great trick, but beware of the too-tight rubber band.

Jacket Roll

I personally like the large-one-cuff-fold-and-push-up-method. Especially fun if you have a pretty lining on the inside of your blazer.

Jacket Push

The Shirt Sleeve Roll
With chambray shirts as a closet essential, we have rolled many a female client’s shirt sleeve. My favorite way to do it is to fold once so that the shirt cuff actually hits your bicep. Then roll once more from the bottom so that it covers up to the edge of the cuff.

Shirt Sleeve

The Boyfriend Jean Roll
The boyfriend jean has been one of my favorite denim silhouettes since it showed up several years ago. When you pull a boyfriend jean off the rack, the manufacturer/designer has usually pre-rolled the jeans in a very perfect two-fold cufff, which honestly, is all wrong. Boyfriend jeans are supposed to have a bit of an undone look. So pull that cuff down and start over. First roll is a larger 2-inch or so roll, then roll on top of that twice to create a “band” right above your ankle.

Jean Roll

And a special thank you to my photographer for this post whose favorite was the rubberband trick.


Happy rolling!

3 thoughts on “style tip: get your roll on

  1. Oooh. I like reading about styling tricks to save me time and frustration. And just like your adorable photographer, the rubber band trick was my favorite, too.

  2. Oooh. I like reading about styling tricks to save me time and lots of frustration. And just like your adorable photographer, my favorite was also the rubber band trick.

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