The Other Super-Easy Summer Shoe

If you had to name a shoe that is synonymous with summer the answer is obvious: the flip-flop. I used to wear them all the time. Then a little thing called plantar fasciitis happened to me and ended the ease of a pair of flip-flops on my feet in the summer time. When I battled this ailment for two years, there were three rules the podiatrist gave me: 1) Don’t step out of bed and onto the bare floor; always step into some type of slipper or shoe. 2) Don’t walk around your house barefoot. 3) Don’t ever wear flip-flops.

I have struggled to completely abide by Rule Number Three. I mean, what else do you wear to the beach or the pool? But I had to come up with another easy summer solution. My answer has been the espadrille. I always have preferred a more covered-up shoe for certain warm weather activities; the thought of wearing an open-toed shoe to an amusement park or ballpark has never really thrilled me. I mean even Vogue said espadrilles are all you need for summer weddings.

Tons of great options have just been unpacked at The Shoe Hive. One of our favorite brands is Soludos, founded in 2010 by Nick Brown, a New Yorker. He was frustrated that he couldn’t find the traditional rope soled espadrilles he had grown up wearing so he started his own line. The great thing about Soludos is all the espadrilles we have in stock are under $75.

If you are not an espadrille traditionalist and prefer a rubber sole, we have great options by Sam Edelman and Bettye Muller that can take you through the warm summer months with ease.

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