Tax-Free Weekend (on Everything!)

The bulk of my summers as a child were spent in Ohio at the neighborhood pool. I was a competitive swimmer, so after championships at the end of July I would head to my grandmother’s farm in Kentucky. We weren’t really beach people. Sure we went to the ocean some, but not religiously, like I now realize most East Coast people do. The proximity of easy, annual beach vacations has been an entirely new thing for me since moving to Virginia.

Once I was older I would vacation with some of my best friend’s family on the Delaware shore. Before we got to the beach we had to stop at the outlet malls because there was no sales tax – also an entirely new concept for me. The more we shopped, the more I realized this was a big deal. People, when in Delaware, went shopping like crazy because there was no sales tax, buying things they otherwise might not.

This weekend in Alexandria and all across Virginia we are taking a lesson from Delaware and helping folks get an early jump on back-to-school shopping. Any clothing or shoe items less than $100 are tax free.

But wait, it gets better. At The Shoe Hive and The Hive we are picking up the sales tax on everything during this one weekend! That is right — for three days, no sales tax collected from customers, at either store.

And it isn’t just us — TSALT, Coco Blanca, Kiskadee, Red Barn Mercantile, and Bellacara are all getting in on it, too, picking up the tax on every purchase. So come shop all your favorite Alexandria Stylebook stores and leave the taxes to us!


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