Top 5 Old Town Farmers Market Picks

Saturday mornings at the Old Town Farmers Market have been one of Alexandrians’ favorite weekend activities for more than two hundred years! Locals and visitors alike go to browse the incredible array of vendors offering local produce, flowers, crafts, baked goods, and more.

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Wandering the farmers market is a favorite pastime of several of our clients, and of ours, too. There is no better way to spend a sunny Saturday morning than walking around with a cup of coffee in hand and selecting fresh fruits, vegetables, bread, flowers, soaps, greeting cards, coffee, frozen pizza…the list of what’s available goes on and on.

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In honor of the recent National Farmers Market Week and this eye-opening article by Thrive Market, we decided to share our top five farmers market picks.

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1)  Fresh flowers.  Working with the wonderful Audra Gannon on my wedding flowers has had the added bonus of making me pay more attention to flowers in general. The Saturday morning farmers market has amazing arrangements and all kinds of bouquets, including bunches of sunflowers that are literally bigger than my face.

2)  Candles.  Capital City Candle Company, who sets up to the right behind the fountain, has hand-blended and hand-poured soy candles that burn for 65-75 hours. They offer specialized local scents named after King Street and Old Town’s gardens, and they recently stocked a Pumpkin Spice candle that smells heavenly. You can order personalization on these, making them great house-warming or hostess gifts.

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3)  Pop tarts.  The people who set up at the long rectangular table toward the back of the plaza have an assortment of pastries that will make you swoon. They have seasonally decorated cookies (football helmets, holiday varieties, etc.) that taste just as good as they look, as well as an awesome array of other pastries and breads, but my favorite thing they offer is the pop tarts! These are the perfect treat and come in a lot of flavors. My current go-to is the strawberry lemonade, but I’m sure I’ll crave something different as we head into fall!

4)  Fresh juice.  Senzu Juicery sets up close to King Street and sells juices with locally sourced ingredients (and no added sugar) that make you feel healthy and amazing. The Detox juice is my favorite and the Activated Greens is a close second, but I hear the Relax juice is also very popular.

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Thursday’s farmers market

5)  Brazilian brigadeiros.  Don’t miss the new farmers market at Montgomery Park from 3-7pm every Thursday! The Thursday market is much smaller than the Saturday market but still supplies produce and baked goods. Even if it didn’t, though, it would still be worth going for the mouthwatering brigadeiros by My Lovely Brigadeiro. They are made with condensed milk and chocolate and come in flavors like salted caramel, coffee, and peanut butter.

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Support local commerce and help the environment by heading to the Old Town Farmers Market on Saturday mornings or Thursday afternoons. There’s a great market in Del Ray on Saturday mornings, too, that offers enough variety from the Old Town market that it’s worth your time to stop by both!

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Old Town Farmers Market Picks

  1. The vendors and I would like to invite you to visit the West End Farmers Market which takes place on Sundays, 8:30AM to 1PM, May through October, in Ben Brenman Park. Every Sunday, a stunning array of farmers, bakers, cooks and artisans set up tents and tables to sell you delicious food and superb crafts.

    We offer a multitude of bakers for every taste sensation, literally across the globe; French, German, Uzbekistan, Good ole US cupcakes, cookies and donuts, Gluten-Free, Paleo and Vegan. There are five farmers, including organic, 1 Orchard, Meat, Dairy, Olive Oil, OJ, Coffee and even hot Empanadas. On the first and third Rod Koozmin brings his knife-sharpening tools so you never have to cook with dull knives. On the first of every month the Rocklands BBQ food truck sets up at the bottom of the market. And if that isn’t enough we even have a Popcorn food truck EVERY WEEK!

    Need a gift?– Need a little treat? Just want to be enticed by design and color? Stroll through the market. Our artisans work hard to provide stunning displays of:

    Jewelry; candles; soaps; clever stationary; painted glassware; personalized items; photos; pottery; woodworking; toys; clothing- for children & adults; placemats; runners and home goods.

    Adding to the fun your market invites local non-profits, and government agencies to set up a table and talk to the people their agency serves, face-to-face. A regular at our market is the Alexandria Bike and Ride Department. You will love them. They give away free biking/hiking maps and sometime biking goodies as well. Your local Beatley Librarians come every thirSunday to advertise their multiple events AND sell books for a dollar. Book lovers – what better place to sit and read with a scone or muffin and coffee than under a shady tree in the park? You never know what other agencies and non-profits might show up at the market. Walk down every Sunday and check it out.

    Your local market is a great place to eat well and have fun!

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