On Trend: Animal Prints

I personally believe that every woman should have some animal print in her wardrobe. I think every home could usually use some as well. I know a big, loud animal print couch or skirt isn’t for everyone; that isn’t what I am talking about. I mean a small accent — a pillow on your couch, a great pair of shoes, or even a belt.

When it comes to clothes and accessories, animal prints are a great neutral, elevating a basic outfit and never ever going out of style. An animal print clutch is the kind of thing your grandma passes down to you and when you take it out no one even knows it is vintage. 

Think about it: if you are wearing jeans and a black sweater, an animal print belt or shoes can take it from boring to interesting. It also doesn’t take much thought. Usually there is a variety of colors in the print so it morphs to match whatever you are wearing.

Animal print isn’t just leopard either, even if leopard is the most popular. You should also consider giraffe, zebra, tortoise, and cheetah. We even have a skirt coming in that is a velvet crocodile print. I love all of them. This year, designers have even switched from just having a print to having the entire animal on clothing. This could not make me happier. We already sold out of our Raquel Allegra tiger sweatshirt. Thank goodness Yigal decided to do it as well. I think I think I actually started to clap in the showroom when I saw all the pieces with different species of cats on them. 

I hate to say the phrase “it is one of fall’s biggest trends” because when isn’t animal print a trend? But here I go, animal print is one of falls biggest trends and you don’t want to miss it.

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