So You Want Your Child To Be a College Athlete? (Part 3)

As a parent, you know that athletics are great to prepare your child for life’s challenges and opportunities. You also know building a child’s confidence is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. But did you know that exercise helps develop kids’ brains?  Yep.  Teaching kids to move correctly will not only give them confidence and injury-prevention knowledge, but also help spur brain development.

On any given day, there are thousands of Alexandria students on the black top, playground, court, or field. That’s fantastic news…but how many move correctly? Regardless of where your child is physically, it is important for you to encourage them to tap their “inner athlete.” It was upon this belief that FOR decided to build a fitness program for students.

Our Student Athlete Program begins with a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) for Juniors developed by industry experts working with the NFL, NHL, MLB, military, Olympians, Titleist Performance Institute, numerous universities, as well as the Cooper and Mayo Clinics. We believe strongly in the building blocks for movement which are commonly called the ABCS of athleticism: Agility, Balance, Coordination, and Speed. Working on these will give your child a good athletic base.

Greg Rose, cofounder of FMS, encourages coaches and trainers to begin with “fundamental movements.” Rose predicts that if your kid does not know how to skip, it will throw off their movement skills. Just watch your child skip. If it’s done correctly, you’ll see single leg balance, disassociation with opposing arms and legs, mobility. Without those fundamental movements, your child cannot reach his/her potential swinging a bat, stick, or racket.

If you struggle with any of these movements as an adult, you know how critical it is to learn them early. That’s when the neurons in our brains are firing, making their connections and getting stronger. Miss them early, sadly you won’t be able to do them well in adulthood. Now is the time…

We suggest each student to participate in 1 to 3 sessions to learn to properly skip, jump, push, pull, squat – and move –all while be evaluated for their individualized program. We will dedicate sessions to improving your student’s sport. After that, your student may choose to participate in 1-on-1 training or join a small group (limited to 4) for a motivating experience at an affordable price, or a combination.

We dedicate sessions not only to building strength and conditioning but also to working on joint mobility. It is vital for kids to work on mobility during growth spurts. While our kids are growing, their long bones are growing faster than their muscles, so there is a lot of tension. If your child can’t bend over to touch his toes, it will affect his posture, hip mobility, and, ultimately, his swing or lay-up.

This really excites us at FOR. Our kids can be happy, have confidence, master fundamental movements, and learn skills for multiple sports. They can enjoy the satisfaction of playing well and being part of a team. We may not be able to sign them for the Yankees, but we can start now to set them up for confidence and success.

We have added a new group — Tuesdays at 5pm. SPOTS FILL QUICKLY. Register your student today

Save the date for a Student Athlete workshop with Alex on Saturday, April 22 at 11am. Learn to sprint, jump, shuffle, and more — with ease. Alex is a pro at showing students ways to impress teammates and coaches — and themselves — alike.    

Workshop Price: $19/student. Current Student Athletes bring a friend FREE. First five to register get a FREE Student Athlete T-shirt. Limit: 10 students 

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