We All Scream for Nicecream

Nicecream just opened on King Street and the timing could not be better. We are heading into prime ice cream season—even though, truly, all weather is ice cream weather—and now have another great option for ice cream in Old Town. Whereas most of the ice cream places on King Street are down near the water, this one is farther up near S. Columbus, across from the new Five Guys location in an inviting storefront with a white brick and mint green façade.

This opening comes on the heels of major success at Nicecream’s first location in Clarendon. Taste some of their decadent flavors and you’ll see why. Specially prepared with liquid nitrogen, this ice cream is denser than traditional ice cream. The process of freezing grass-fed cream and other fresh, local ingredients on the spot with liquid nitrogen creates smaller ice crystals, making the ice cream taste thick, creamy, and borderline sinful. It is also very fun to watch: picture a cloud of steam rising up from behind the counter amidst blenders and scoops, followed by the precious sight of ice cream emerging from the fog and heading your way.

Try the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt or the Nutella, when it’s available. The Purely Pistachio is also fantastic, if you’re into that. Nicecream rotates flavors all the time, providing the perfect excuse to stop in, say, three times a week or more. April’s Flavor of the Month is Honey Lavender—so get it while you still can! You can also find sundaes, Nicecream sandwiches, affogato, hot chocolate, and local Swing’s Coffee. While I’m not wild about the rainy weather we’ve had the past few days, it does make it a good time to go in for some hand-crafted hot chocolate, with flavors ranging from Mexican Hot Chocolate to Lavender to Caramel and more.

This quaint and welcoming spot will be a Patterson Group favorite from now on!

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