Wear High Heels Pain-Free Forever!

I was sitting in an Old Town Boutique District board meeting a few weeks back talking with fellow shop owners about new products we’ve been contemplating adding to our stores. I lamented not having a small little something that represented what we were. I have Foot Petals — which are highly useful — but I wanted something else that was shoe-related but not a shoe.

Katya, the owner of She’s Unique, looked at me and said, “Why in the world do you not have the foot spray that makes your feet stop hurting when you are wearing heels. I won’t leave my house without it!”

She has long been a part of the blogger community and received countless giveaways at events. She claimed this was pretty much the only swag bag freebie she has ever kept!

You will find this revolutionary product at The Shoe Hive: the large bottle is $28 and the small bottle is $8.
You will find this revolutionary product at The Shoe Hive: the large bottle is $28 and the small bottle is $8.

The product is called Still Standing, and I am not sure how after 13 years in the shoe business I had never discovered it until now.

A product created out of need, Lyn Butler was sick of being told she had to endure pain to look good. A lover of high heels, she had had enough after standing on a marble floor at a fashion industry event for four hours in high heels. She woke up the next morning and decided she would put an end to what she called Stiletto Suffering. She became obsessed with research on health of the feet and the design of shoes and worked with chemists to develop her product.

So here is how this little bottle of magic works: it prevents swelling, pain, and redness before any of it ever starts! It is made from natural anti-inflammatory pain relievers, eco-distilled certified organic arnica, aloe and ilex, along with cooling menthol. A user sprays it on the top, side and bottom of her feet, allowing it to dry for a minute before slipping on the heels. It provides high heel comfort for up to six hours.

To Katya, thank you for introducing The Shoe Hive to this amazing product. Now I no longer have an excuse to be wearing my slip-on Vince sneakers every day!

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  1. Can’t wait to try this. If it allows me to wear heels without killing my feet I’ll be forever indebted to both you and Katya!

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